Design: Maurizio Galante
Edited by Baleri Italia

Dimensions: cm 220 x 90 x 72
wood, silicone

On a glossy lacquered MDF, feet and top frame are wrapped/embroidered with supple tubular plastic threads of the same colour. The coloured area is maliciously distorted.
The threading combines regularity and randomness: the play of knots breaks the straightness of the shape and piques the curiosity.
Mathematics is poetry: the initial idea starts from the figure 11 and its multiples applied to the dimensions of UNDICI. Mathematics is esoteric: there is a pleasure in the exercise of imagining an object starting from figures susceptible of transmitting their power and their story.
The table Undici, based on the number 11, is manufactured and available in three colours (red, white, black), and in three different sizes and two heights.

undici3883 NOVE-UNDICI-maurizio-galante-per-baleri-italia scuola-feder

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