Sea Anemone

Suspended lamp
Dimensions: 60 - 120 cm
Murano glass, metal

Design: Tal Lancman and Maurizio Galante
Edited by VERONESE

Inspired by underwater fauna, the luminaries reveal the poetry and richness of these fragile organisms. The tentacles of the sea anemone, a fascinating animal, (long regarded as plants and misnamed “flowers of the sea”), metabolize light energy into usable energy by the body.
A series of double gilded metal rings articulates handmade glass elements. As ocean currents lull these animals, the hand caresses the lamp to change the flow and vary the lighting effects. Sea anemone is composed of 460 Murano glass elements, stretched and shaped by hand, translucent and grooved. The suspended lamp is available in two sizes: 60 or 120 cm.

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